Delta Air Lines Caught in Controversy Over Flight Attendant’s Bra: Gloria Allred Calls for Meeting to Discuss Change in Policy

Passenger Removed from Delta Flight for Braless Outfit Calls for Policy Revision

In January, Lisa Archbold found herself at the center of controversy when she was escorted off a Delta Air Lines flight for not wearing a bra. The incident took place while Archbold was flying from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and she was wearing a loose white t-shirt. Despite not being questioned when boarding the plane, she was later escorted off by a gate agent who deemed her outfit “offensive” and “revealing.”

Archbold expressed feeling targeted and humiliated by the incident and questioned Delta’s policy regarding what constitutes offensive clothing. She believes that her clothing was no different from what a man might wear and should not have been an issue.

Archbold obtained legal representation from Gloria Allred, a prominent figure in women’s rights cases. Allred is now calling for a meeting with Delta to discuss a change in policy. In a letter to Delta’s president, Allred raised concerns about how Archbold’s attire was handled and requested a meeting to discuss a practical solution to avoid similar situations in the future.

Delta Air Lines previously apologized to Archbold for the incident, but Allred is pushing for further action to address the situation and prevent similar occurrences. As of now, Delta Air Lines has not responded to requests for comment on the matter.

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