Young Entrepreneurs Showcase Their Business Ideas in Regional CEO Program Pitch Event

Second Regional CEO Pitch: Young Entrepreneurs Share Innovative Business Ideas

High school students from McDonough, Hancock, Pike, Brown and Schuyler counties recently showcased their latest business ideas as part of the regional CEO program in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. The 2nd Annual Regional CEO Pitch saw eleven young business professionals present their plans to three judges.

Maycie McCombs, creator of Maycie’s Meals, spoke about the importance of dedication and a willingness to learn in the program. According to her, it has been valuable in teaching students important life skills such as communication. Karly Gallaher joined the program with the goal of improving her communication skills and was one of the winners at the pitch event alongside Wesley McEwen with his 3D printing service, Dream 3D.

Following the pitch event, students will have an opportunity to set up booths at a trade show at Crossing Camp in Rushville on April 12 from 2 to 4 p.m. The public is invited to attend and support these young entrepreneurs as they continue their journey towards becoming responsible young adults.

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