Yankees’ Playoff Projections: From Bleak to Bright – Expert Analysis and Predictions

Baseball Reference Predicts Yankees to End Season in Last Place

The analysts at Baseball Reference are not optimistic about the Yankees’ chances of making it to the playoffs in 2024. They project that the Yankees will have only a 2.7 percent chance of winning and will win just 71.6 games, which is lower than the Pirates and Ohtani-less Angels. These projections are in stark contrast to Fangraphs, which predict the Yankees to win 88 games, fourth most in all of baseball.

However, BetRivers Sportsbook is more bullish on the Yankees’ prospects. They predict that the team will win 91.5 games and have third-best odds to win the most games in baseball at +650. Additionally, they give the Yankees a 77.01 percent chance of making it to the playoffs, which is significantly higher than Baseball Reference’s projection based on their Simple Rating System that takes into account run differential and strength of schedule from previous year prior 100 games but not injuries or players variance but solely run differentials and changes in schedule difficulty.

The offseason acquisitions made by the Yankees have been significant, including Juan Soto, who should greatly improve their offense. Additionally, if Aaron Judge stays healthy and plays a full season, he has a chance to turn things around for his team from their disappointing season last year.

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