Waggles Puppy Boutique Opens Second Location in Late June with Commitment to Healthy Pups and Quality Standards

New Puppy Store Coming to Roanoke Mall

Waggles Puppy Boutique is set to open its second location in late June at the Valley View Mall. The new store will be located in the same spot where a previous pet store called Puppy Love Inc. once operated until August 2022, according to city records. The owner has invested $200,000 to build a storefront with 14 kennels on the second floor.

Kerry Rod, chief operating officer of Waggles, shared that the focus of the store is on providing healthy, well-socialized puppies and working with new families to find their perfect fit for forever homes. The company’s commitment to this mission comes from years of experience in placing puppies while enhancing breeding standards and developing in-store operations that prioritize the puppies’ health and welfare.

Waggles aims to revolutionize the way people acquire their new family members by offering a fresh and unique approach to finding your next furry friend. The pups will cost an average of $2,000, which reflects the company’s dedication to providing high-quality dogs that are well taken care of from birth until they find their forever home. This new location will be added to the existing 20 more locations currently under development by Waggles.

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