Venezuelan Exiles in Argentina Call on Pope Francis to Intervene in Election Process

Venezuelan expatriates in Argentina seek help from Pope Francis

Venezuelans residing in Argentina are calling on Pope Francis to intervene with dictator Nicolás Maduro to ensure that all Venezuelans living abroad have the right to vote in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for July 28th. In a letter sent to the Vatican through the Jesuit Migrant Service, they expressed their concerns and appealed for the pope’s help in upholding the human and constitutional rights of Venezuelans.

The letter thanked the pope for his efforts to intervene with the Venezuelan authorities and urged them to ensure that the rights of Venezuelans both in Argentina and around the world are respected. The Venezuelans emphasized the need for pressure to be increased on Maduro’s government to fulfill electoral commitments and recognize the rights of Venezuelans.

Currently, only a small percentage of the 220 thousand Venezuelans residing in Argentina are able to vote at the Venezuelan consulate in Buenos Aires. Reports of pressure and persecution of opponents in Venezuela have heightened tensions surrounding the upcoming elections. The Venezuelans in Argentina are taking action to ensure that their voices are heard and their rights are upheld.

Their efforts to secure their voting rights highlight the challenges faced by Venezuelans living abroad in participating in their country’s electoral process. Despite these obstacles, they remain determined to fight for their rights and make their voices heard in shaping the future of their homeland.

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