US Major League Baseball Kicks Off with Games in Japan for the First Time – and Could Feature Japanese Players

Baseball Commissioner announces Japan will host MLB season-opener in upcoming year

The upcoming US Major League Baseball season will kick off with two games in Japan on March 19 and 20, according to the Japanese baseball commissioner. The location and teams for these games are yet to be decided, as reported by Japanese media citing Sadayuki Sakakibara of the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization. Sakakibara recently met with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred in South Korea to discuss the plan for these games scheduled in Japan.

Sakakibara revealed that they spoke about the dates for the upcoming games during their meeting with Manfred in South Korea. While no final decisions have been made yet, there are speculations that the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs could be contenders for the series as they both have Japanese players on their roster. Japanese and US media have reported on the possibility of these teams playing in Japan next season.

The Dodgers previously played against the San Diego Padres in Seoul during a season-opening series, adding to the excitement surrounding international games. Ohtani, a Japanese superstar, is closely followed by media in Japan, making his presence in the opening games a highly anticipated event.

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