Unveiling the World’s Most Innovative CMOs: Business Insider Seeks Nominations

Nominations and Submission Form for the Most Innovative CMO List

Business Insider is calling for nominations for our ninth annual list of the world’s most innovative CMOs. Nominees can be submitted via this survey by 5 p.m. ET on April 30. To be eligible, executives must hold the CMO title or be the senior-most marketing executives at consumer brands and have been in their roles for at least six months.

The criteria and methodology for selecting the most innovative CMOs will consider factors such as executives’ influence on their company’s performance, their role and responsibilities, the size of the brand they represent, and their impact on the industry. Nominations backed by case studies and quantitative data to support an executive’s contribution to their company’s growth have a better chance of standing out.

CMOs play a crucial role in driving growth and maintaining healthy profit margins for companies. They need solid financial acumen and are expert operators who effectively communicate across all functions of the company while boosting the reputation of their public-facing brand. In today’s fragmented media landscape and new technologies like generative AI, top marketers must navigate these challenges to stay ahead of the competition.

Last year’s list showcased some of the most innovative CMOs from around the world, each with unique approaches to marketing that set them apart from the rest. Check out last year’s list for inspiration on how to make your nominee stand out in this highly competitive field. Don’t miss your chance to submit your nominations by April 30 to be considered for this prestigious list!

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