Unveiling RIT’s new gateway: A transparent look at creativity and innovation

Rochester Institute of Technology Combines Arts and Tech with $120 Million SHED

The new gateway to the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology houses a 180,000-square-foot building that offers visitors an unexpected view of its tech-focused campus. Unlike traditional engineering and robotics showcases, this building features two nearly transparent cubes that offer glimpses into different activities. In one cube, actors rehearse for a theater performance, while in the other, students practice their moves in a dance studio.

Upon entering the $120 million building, visitors can see the theater area adjacent to glass-walled maker spaces, all overlooking a crescent-shaped atrium. The workshops are equipped with a variety of benches and machine tools, each connected to the ceiling by electrical cords and exhaust hoods. Garage-style doors open up to allow passersby to peek inside and see the projects being invented and improved within.

The Student Hall for Exploration and Development provides a unique and collaborative space for students to explore different areas of interest and work on projects. It serves as a hub for creativity and innovation, creating opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and hands-on learning experiences. Whether participating in theater rehearsals, dance practices or maker workshops, students are encouraged to experiment, create and grow within this dynamic environment.

The building’s design fosters collaboration among students from different disciplines by providing them with ample space to work together on projects. It also offers hands-on learning experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge in practical ways. Overall, the Student Hall for Exploration and Development is an essential addition to RIT’s campus that will inspire creativity, innovation and critical thinking skills among its students.

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