Unprecedented Health Warning for Beni-Koji Distribution Companies in Japan and Taiwan

Red yeast rice use sends nine more people in Japan to hospital

On April 3, the Japanese Ministry of Health issued an urgent warning to 173 beni-koji distribution companies to monitor their customers for any health issues related to the product. This comes after a recent surge in hospitalizations and deaths linked to Kobayashi’s beni koji. Since March 27, Japan has reported 5 deaths and a total of 166 affected patients, with symptoms such as irritability, loss of appetite, abnormal urine, and kidney disorders.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese health authorities have also reported 11 cases of health problems related to Kobayashi’s beni koji. The possibility of widespread damage in the area is a cause for concern. It is important for consumers to be aware of these risks and avoid purchasing any products that have not been approved for circulation in Vietnam.

Kobayashi launched the product “beni-koji choleste help” in February 2021 and sold about one million packs by the end of February this year. However, many users developed kidney disease later on. The company recently discovered puberulic acid, a natural compound derived from green mold, in the production of beni-koji, which has been identified as a substance that can cause toxicity in users by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

The Food Safety Department advises against purchasing these products from social networks or by hand. If they are found on the market, consumers should report them to the authorities for legal handling. It is important for consumers to always check if a product has been approved for circulation before using it.

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