Unleash Your Creativity: Spark! Imagination and Science Center’s Bird Day Celebration Offers Exciting Egg Hunt and Artistic Surrealism

Celebrate Bird Day at Spark! Imagination and Science Center

Spark! Imagination and Science Center is celebrating Bird Day with an exciting event that offers visitors a unique twist on an Easter egg hunt. Participants can take part in a bird egg hunt throughout the museum, learn about different types of birds, and observe real birds from the Avian Conservation Center of Appalachia. In addition to these activities, guests will also have the opportunity to engage in creating bird-inspired art while exploring surrealism.

Julie Bryan, Executive Director of Spark, expressed her excitement about the annual Bird Day event, stating that it adds to the experience by offering a chance to learn about birds and observe them up close. The event will be held at Spark! Imagination and Science Center located on Green Bag Road in Morgantown, WV. Visitors can visit the center’s website for more information and details regarding the event.

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