Triumph in the Face of Tragedy: The Resilience of Tri-State Lawn Care in the Wake of Devastating Fire

Local Business Suffers Extensive Damage in Fire; Owner Determined to Rebuild

On Tuesday afternoon, a devastating fire blazed through Tri-State Lawn Care, a local business in Flatwoods, Kentucky. The building was occupied by three to four people at the time, all of whom managed to escape unharmed.

The fire broke out at the business on Argillite Road and quickly spread throughout the building. Despite being unable to be on-site during the fire, owner Michael Wheeler expressed shock and disbelief as decades of dedication went up in flames in a matter of minutes.

Wheeler expressed gratitude for the support of the community and the efforts of the firefighters who responded to the blaze. Despite the loss, he emphasized the importance of finding solutions and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of adversity.

As a long-standing presence in the community, Tri-State Lawn Care remains committed to overcoming this setback and rebuilding for the future. Flatwoods Fire Chief Brent Dean reported that everyone made it out safely and that they will continue to work with Wheeler to find solutions for rebuilding and moving forward.

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