Tragic Loss for World Central Kitchen: Seven Humanitarian Workers Killed by Israeli Airstrike in Gaza

Chef from Chicago praises the bravery of 7 World Central Kitchen workers who lost their lives in Gaza

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza resulted in the deaths of seven workers from the humanitarian group World Central Kitchen. The group, which is approved to provide aid in conflict zones and areas of famine, had coordinated their movements with the Israeli Defense Forces. Despite this, they were hit and killed by Israeli fire.

The tragedy was acknowledged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who referred to it as a tragic case of forces unintentionally hitting innocent people. The video of the blast clearly shows the logo of World Central Kitchen on the caravan vehicles. One of the workers, Zomi Francom of Australia, shared a common purpose with Chicago chef Tony Priolo of Piccolo Sogno, who had previously worked with a group of chefs to provide food at the Poland-Ukraine border during the war in Ukraine.

Priolo was deeply affected by the news of the workers’ deaths and remained sleepless throughout the night. However, he regarded them as heroes for volunteering their time and resources to help others in need. Despite his grief, Priolo emphasized that he would willingly volunteer in Gaza if given the opportunity. He described chefs’ dedication to feeding people as their ultimate goal and their commitment to providing humanitarian aid in dangerous situations as deeply admired by the chef community.

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