Thomas College Students Win Multiple Awards in Prestigious SAM International Business Conference

Students from Thomas College receive honors at business conference

Five students from Thomas College recently competed in the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) International Business Conference held in Orlando, Florida. The team consisted of Dan Brewer, Tanner Herrick, Jade Crowell, Preston Moody, and Addison Landon.

The team excelled at the conference and won top awards. They placed second overall and received third place for their case study presentation. Three students, Preston Moody, Jade Crowell, and Addison Landon, competed in the Knowledge Bowl finals. Landon finished in second place and was recognized as the top individual student performer.

Despite facing tough competition with a record number of colleges participating, Thomas College students stood out with their exceptional performance. Dr. Rick Saucier mentioned that the competitions were particularly challenging this year due to the high number of colleges participating. He highlighted how impressed SAM representatives were with the Thomas College students, acknowledging the college’s strong reputation in business management academic circles. This marks the seventh consecutive year that Thomas College students have placed in the SAM competition.

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Thomas College’s team participated in various categories including a written case study presentation and an extemporaneous speech. They also took part in a business pitch competition where they showcased their ideas and plans to start a new business venture.

Dr. Jono Anzalone was also present as one of their coaches who helped them prepare for these competitions by providing guidance on strategy development and public speaking skills.

Overall, it was an impressive feat for these five young minds to represent their school on such a prestigious platform and come out on top with multiple accolades.

In conclusion, it is evident that Thomas College has been consistently producing talented individuals who are ready to take on challenges head-on and excel in their respective fields.

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