The Dangers of Natural Compounds: Japanese Authorities Warn Against the Use of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s Red Yeast Rice Product

Functional foods causing deaths in Japan not licensed in Vietnam

Japanese authorities have not issued a circulation license for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s red yeast rice product, which has been linked to five deaths in the country. This was announced by the Food Safety Department (Ministry of Health) after reviewing the situation and confirming that no certificate of registration or compliance has been issued for the company’s products including Beni-koji choleste-help, Naishi-help plus cholesterol, Natto-kinase sarasara-tsubu gold and Kobayashi Naishi Help 30. These products were recalled by the company at the end of March due to reported hospitalizations associated with their use.

The Food Safety Department warned consumers not to purchase or use these products and to report any sightings of them on the market to the authorities. As of April 1st, a total of 157 people had been hospitalized and five deaths reported after taking supplements from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company. The company found puberulic acid, a natural compound derived from green mold, in their beni-koji production which is believed to be toxic.

Japanese officials are still investigating the case and have not reached a final conclusion. However, it is clear that consumers need to be cautious and informed about the products they are using and report any suspicious products to the authorities for further investigation. It is important for companies to prioritize consumer safety when producing supplements and medications, as even natural compounds can be harmful when used improperly or in excessive amounts.

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