Stranded Cruise Passengers Miss Out on Refunds and Reunion: The Unfortunate Journey of Jill and Jay Campbell

Castaways on an African island chase after an abandoned cruise ship

The Norwegian cruise ship, carrying eight passengers including a pregnant woman, sailed up the west coast of Africa without them. This happened after a tour delay caused the group to miss the ship’s departure. Among the stranded passengers were Jill and Jay Campbell, a couple from South Carolina, who were on an island tour when the ship left. Despite their efforts to contact the ship’s captain and local Coast Guard for assistance, they were unable to rejoin it.

The Campbells and six others spent days trying to catch up with their cruise ship. They faced challenges such as a lack of medication and accepted credit cards, forcing them to rely on their Visa card to pay for food and accommodations. Despite spending thousands of dollars in the process, they were unable to meet up with their ship in Gambia due to low tide. They made another attempt near Senegal’s coast but were still unsuccessful in reuniting with their cruise ship.

The shipping company released a statement blaming the passengers for missing boarding time and failing to return when required despite being unfortunate circumstances that have been highlighted by this incident. The company emphasized that guests must follow designated boarding times in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again in the future.

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