Steelers add QB Kyle Allen and DE Dean Lowry to strengthen roster for upcoming season

Kyle Allen and Dean Lowry signed by Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been working hard to solidify their quarterback depth chart, and their latest move is set to do just that. The team has signed Kyle Allen as their third-string quarterback, bringing in a 28-year-old with NFL experience since 2018.

Allen began his career as an undrafted rookie with the Carolina Panthers before moving on to Washington, Houston, and Buffalo. He most notably started 12 games for the Panthers in 2019, showing enough potential to remain on NFL rosters as a backup quarterback. With the addition of Allen, the Steelers now have three quarterbacks on their roster, leaving room for a possible fourth camp arm in the future.

In addition to their quarterback acquisition, the Steelers have also added defensive end Dean Lowry to their roster. Lowry previously played for the Minnesota Vikings and appeared in nine games with four starts last season. These recent acquisitions are aimed at bolstering the team’s roster and adding depth to key positions as they prepare for the upcoming season.

With these moves, the Steelers are looking forward to building a strong and competitive team that can contend for championships in years to come.

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