Spring into Happiness: How Colors can Boost our Mental Health

The Influence of Spring Colors on Mental Well-being

A recent episode of the Let’s Get Moving with Maria podcast featured a discussion on color psychology with Practicing Environmental Psychologist Dr. Sally Augustin. The episode explored how incorporating spring colors into our lives can have a positive impact on our mental health.

According to Dr. Augustin, spring colors have three key features that play a role in enhancing our mental well-being: saturation, intensity, and lightness. Colors that are less saturated and lighter can make us feel more relaxed, while intense and dark colors can have a revving-up effect. Different colors evoke specific responses in us, such as red providing a burst of strength but degrading analytical performance. On the other hand, green enhances creativity and is a great color to have in our workspaces.

Factors like extroversion and introversion can influence the colors we are drawn to. Extroverted individuals may prefer more saturated shades, while introverted individuals may find more comfort in less saturated colors. To boost our mental health with spring colors, it’s important to choose colors that align with how we want to use a space.

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