South Dakota Governor Faces Backlash over Decision to Euthanize Dog, Defends Self in Heated Interview with Stuart Varney

Kristi Noem criticizes Fox Business host for questioning her role in dog’s death

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is facing controversy over her decision to put down her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, nearly 20 years ago. In her new memoir “No Going Back”, Noem revealed the difficult choice she had to make and it has sparked backlash from both political rivals and animal rights advocates. Some have even shared photos of their own pets in an attempt to criticize Noem’s actions.

During a recent interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Noem faced tough questions about her decision to kill her dog. When Varney pressed her on the topic and asked if she had discussed it with former President Donald Trump, Noem refused to disclose their personal conversations. She deflected the question and emphasized that she talks to Trump regularly, prompting Varney to continue pushing for an answer.

The exchange became heated as Noem grew frustrated with Varney’s line of questioning, ultimately telling him the interview was “ridiculous” and urging him to focus on more important topics. Despite the criticism she has faced for her decision, Noem has defended herself by stating that Cricket was a dangerous animal and that she was protecting her children at the time.

As the controversy surrounding Noem’s memoir continues to unfold, she remains a prominent figure in the Republican Party and has even been rumored as a potential vice presidential nominee. Despite the criticism, Noem has stood by her decision to euthanize her dog and has refused to back down in the face of backlash.

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