Shingles Shots: Hopewell Township Health Department and Wegmans Partner to Provide Two Dose Clinics for Adults 50 and Older

Health Department and Wegmans Partner to Host 2 Event

In an effort to protect adults 50 years and older from the painful and debilitating effects of shingles, the Hopewell Township Health Department and Wegmans have teamed up to offer two shingles vaccine clinics at Pennington Borough Municipal Hall on April 17 and June 19, 2024. These clinics will provide an opportunity for individuals to receive the recommended two doses of the shingles vaccine, which can help prevent the disease and its complications.

Additionally, it is important to note that individuals who only receive one dose at these clinics will need to visit Wegmans or another local pharmacy to obtain their second shot. For more information on the shingles vaccine and its benefits, please visit the CDC website at

Residents are encouraged to sign up for one or both vaccines at these clinics in order to protect themselves from this painful disease. By taking advantage of this opportunity, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of experiencing shingles-related complications such as postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), which can cause chronic pain for months or even years after a bout with shingles has passed.

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