Shawarma Land: A Houston Small Business Thrown into the Spotlight on Its Opening Day

West Houston’s Shawarma Land Opens on Westheimer, Burglarized Hours After First Day of Business

Houston Police Department reported that a small, locally-owned business in west Houston, Shawarma Land, was robbed on its opening day. The owners, located at 8571 Westheimer, stated that the thief left behind broken glass and made off with their cash register containing over $1,000 in cash. Owner Mohammad Assaad expressed his sadness over the incident, stating that he had worked hard to save every penny for the restaurant and the robbery damaged his property.

Despite being located in a crime hotspot area according to the ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker, Assaad was surprised that the break-in occurred on the first day of business. He mentioned that neighboring businesses had also been targeted before but not on their opening day. Despite this setback, Assaad quickly bounced back and expressed his determination to continue running the business despite any obstacles.

The thief entered the establishment, ripped out the cash register, and left through the back. This left Assaad stunned when he arrived the next day to find his property vandalized and his money stolen. However, Assaad remained focused on serving his diverse customer base in the busy area he had chosen for the business.

Houston police are currently investigating the burglary, and as of now, no arrests have been made. For updates on the story

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