Samsung and Arm Partner to Revolutionize 6G Connectivity with Parallel Packet Processing Technology

Collaboration between Samsung Research and Arm to develop crucial 6G technology

Samsung Research and Arm, a semiconductor and software design company, have announced a partnership to work on key software technologies needed for the successful launch of 6G connectivity. Together, they will collaborate on an open-source project to develop and improve parallel packet processing technology. This technology is essential for processing large amounts of data as it moves through communication networks, and by advancing its development, the two companies hope to accelerate the timeline for the launch of 6G networks.

Jinguk Jeong, Executive Vice President at Samsung Research’s Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC), emphasized the increasing significance of software technology in 6G communications. He stated that innovation in handling massive amounts of data is essential, highlighting the partnership with Arm as a significant step towards advancing parallel technology.

AI is playing a crucial role in driving the development of next-generation technologies like 6G. Mohamed Awad, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Arm, noted the importance of power-efficient processing due to the vast amount of data generated by AI. By collaborating with Samsung Research, Arm aims to accelerate 6G software development and optimize AI infrastructure for efficiency.

With the launch of 6G networks expected to significantly increase data traffic, Samsung Research and Arm believe that the use of parallel packet processing technology can help establish flexible and efficient communication systems. This collaboration marks a significant step towards revolutionizing the technology needed for the upcoming era of 6G connectivity.

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