Salvini Speaks Out Against Ursula von der Leyen’s Second Mandate at ‘Winds of Change’ Event

Salvini: Voting for Lega is a rejection of Ursula and the left

During the ‘Winds of Change’ event, Northern League secretary Matteo Salvini spoke out against giving Ursula von der Leyen a second mandate. He emphasized that Italians who support the League would not choose to vote for her again. Salvini called for voters to focus on bringing progress and peace to Europe instead of military threats. In his closing remarks, he urged Europeans to reclaim their home from outside influences.

The event was marked by Salvini’s speech, where he highlighted the importance of the upcoming European vote and the need for change in leadership. He made it clear that those who supported the League would not support Ursula von der Leyen for another term, nor would they support left-leaning policies. Salvini urged voters to prioritize progress and peace over militarization.

Salvini’s speech at the ‘Winds of Change’ event underscored the League’s opposition to giving Ursula von der Leyen another mandate and their commitment to bringing progress and peace to Europe through the upcoming European vote. He emphasized that Europe should be seen as a home for its citizens, rather than a territory controlled by outside powers.

Supporters of the League resonated with Salvini’s message, prioritizing national interests and a more peaceful approach to European politics. The event served as a rallying call for those who believe that change is necessary in European politics and that Italy has an important role to play in shaping Europe’s future.

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