Safety First: Ford Issues Recall for Battery Detection Issue Affecting Over 456,000 Vehicles

Ford recalls more than 456,000 Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles for battery problem – NBC Chicago

Ford has announced a recall impacting over 456,000 Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles due to a battery detection issue that may lead to a loss of drive power, raising the risk of crashes. According to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the modules for the cars may fail to detect changes in battery charge levels, leading to low battery charge and unexpected loss of drive power or other electric capabilities like hazard lights.

The recall covers approximately 403,000 model year 2021-2024 Bronco Sports and more than 53,000 model year 2022-2023 Mavericks. Owners will receive notification letters on May 13 and dealers will recalibrate the affected vehicles’ modules at no cost. A software update is expected later in the second quarter.

Ford has confirmed that safety is a top priority and they are taking proactive measures to address the issue promptly. Despite no reported injuries related to the battery detection issue, there have been warranty reports, field reports, customer complaints, property damage claims, and unverified fire reports.

Aside from this recall, there is another impacting Bronco Sport owners involving gasoline leaks from fuel injectors onto hot engine surfaces which increases the risk of fires. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the remedy Ford has proposed for this recall.

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