Safe Medicine Disposal: Operation Medicine Drop’s Successful Efforts in North Carolina

Operation Medicine Drop hosted by ECU Health gathers unused prescription drugs for proper disposal.

Operation Medicine Drop is a collaborative effort between Safe Kids North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the State Bureau of Investigation to promote safe medication disposal and protect communities from the dangers of unused or expired medications. Since 2010, Operation Medicine Drop campaigns have successfully incinerated more than 266 million pills collected through permanent drop boxes and over 4,000 events across North Carolina.

Lillie Malpass, executive director at PCCSU, emphasized the importance of medication disposal events in keeping the community safe. She explained that safe storage and disposal help prevent medications from ending up in the wrong hands, particularly those of youth and children. Community organizations have partnered to provide resources, including lockboxes for medications, as part of these efforts.

Local sheriff’s offices, police departments, and some fire departments maintain permanent medication drop boxes for those who are unable to attend events like Operation Medicine Drop. These drop boxes offer a convenient option for safe medication disposal throughout the year.

Operation Medicine Drop has been instrumental in protecting families and the environment by promoting responsible drug disposal practices. The campaign has helped reduce prescription drug abuse and addiction by ensuring that unused or expired medications are properly disposed of instead of being sold on the black market or flushed down toilets where they can contaminate waterways. Overall, Operation Medicine Drop is an important initiative that helps keep our communities safer and more sustainable.

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