Russian Armed Forces Launch Yet Another Bombardment on Ukraine, Causing Panic and Damage in Kyiv and Other Cities.

Two massive bombings launched by Russia against Ukraine in a single day

On Monday morning, Kyiv experienced a lightning bombardment launched by the Russian Armed Forces deployed in Crimea. The capital suffered damage in three districts as several hypersonic ballistic missiles fired from the illegally annexed peninsula reached it. In the afternoon, the invader attacked again with ballistic missiles from the Black Sea, targeting Odessa, Kremenchuk and Kirovograd.

The speed at which the projectiles reached Kyiv caused panic among citizens due to the lack of anti-aircraft alarms. This marked the third attack on Kyiv in five days and the fourth large-scale attack against multiple Ukrainian provinces. Russian and Ukrainian military analysts identified Zircon missiles, one of Russia’s most innovative weapons, as being used in these attacks. Despite intercepting two missiles by Ukrainian Air Force, at least five explosions were heard.

Ukraine’s deficit in anti-aircraft ammunition has been highlighted as bursts of anti-aircraft machine guns were heard in Kyiv attempting to shoot down incoming missiles. Ukrainian officials have called for increased anti-aircraft defenses to protect cities and save lives. Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba emphasized the need for more Patriot missiles to defend against such attacks. The escalation of bombings has caused significant damage to buildings and infrastructure in several Ukrainian cities, leaving many without vital services like electricity.

Russian military targets in Crimea have also been targeted leading to retaliatory bombings by Ukraine’s air force. The recent increase in Russian bombings may be linked to Ukraine’s offensive against Russian oil refineries using drones that disrupted fuel production. The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified with both sides engaged in a deadly war that continues to impact innocent civilians. It is imperative that the international community come together to stop this terrorism and protect lives in the region.

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