Ross Edgley’s World Record Challenge in Science and Endurance Swimming

Cheshire’s ultra-swimmer sets new record for science

Ross Edgley, an accomplished ultra-swimmer, is set to break a world record in the name of science. His mission is to swim the longest distance ever completed in a pool over the course of one week, with the aim of covering 223 miles (360 km). While the world record is a significant goal, Edgley views it as secondary to the main purpose of the challenge.

Scheduled to take place at the Best Centre in Mallorca, Spain, from May 19 to May 26, this challenge will require Edgley to swim an average of 15 to 18 hours per day. Throughout this endeavor, he will be collaborating with sports scientists to study the impact of calorie intake on swimming performance. During his training, Edgley underwent weight loss, dropping from 16 stone (102kg) to 12st 8lb (80kg), a challenging yet necessary aspect of the preparation.

Having previously completed the Great British Swim, where he circumnavigated Great Britain in 158 days, and holds the record for the longest ever open water swim in Loch Ness, Edgley is no stranger to long-distance swimming. Reflecting on his upcoming challenge, he likens it to the myth of Sisyphus in Greek mythology, with

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