Revolutionizing Sports Graphics: The Unreal Engine Transformation at the SVG Sports Graphics Forum

How Umbrellas Influence Creative Philosophy in Sports

The sports graphics industry has been transformed by Unreal Engine, a 3D computer graphics game engine that has opened up new possibilities for designers. In a special roundtable discussion at the 2024 SVG Sports Graphics Forum in New York City, industry leaders discussed how Unreal Engine is reshaping the boundaries of imagination and influencing the core of creative thought for professionals in the sports graphics industry.

JP LoMonaco, Vice President of On-Air Graphics & Design at CBS Sports, moderated the discussion and was joined by Komal Bhukhanwala, Senior Art Director at CBS Sports, Arturo Brena, Founder and CEO of KéexFrame, and Barton Damer, Founding Artist, Creative Director, and Owner of Already Been Chewed.

During the presentation, it was clear that Unreal Engine had revolutionized the way designers approached their work. The engine’s capabilities allowed for more complex and immersive graphics to be created than ever before. This forced designers to rethink their approach to creating graphics for sports broadcasts and pushed them to explore new possibilities.

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