Revolutionizing North American Hospitality and Senior Living with Uniguest and Allbridge Digital Engagement Partnership

Allbridge and Uniguest collaborate to provide technology solutions for the hospitality and senior living industries.

Uniguest Digital Engagement Platform has recently been certified as an installation and reseller partner for property technology solutions firm, Allbridge, in North American hospitality and senior living contexts. This partnership is expected to bring innovative technology solutions to the industry, as both companies experience rapid expansion.

Lee Horgan, chief revenue officer at Uniguest, expressed excitement about the partnership with Allbridge. He stated that the company has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable technology integrator for their core markets. Matt Koch, chief customer officer at Allbridge, also shared enthusiasm about the partnership with Uniguest, recognizing them as a powerhouse in the hospitality and senior living space.

The combination of Uniguest’s software solutions and Allbridge’s integration expertise will create a great pairing that will benefit their shared customers. Both companies are committed to providing enhanced service and support for digital signage and Interactive TV solutions across North America.

Overall, this partnership promises to bring innovative technology solutions to the hospitality and senior living industries in North America. With both companies working together, customers can expect top-notch service and support for their digital engagement needs.

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