Revolutionizing Heart Failure Diagnosis: The AI-Powered Stethoscope

AI-powered stethoscope technology approved by FDA for heart failure detection

Heart failure affects more than 11 million people worldwide and over 6 million Americans, as reported by the CDC. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association highlighted these alarming statistics. Thanks to a newly FDA-cleared artificial intelligence developed by the Mayo Clinic and Eko Health, doctors can now detect heart failure in seconds using a modernized stethoscope.

Physicians have long used stethoscopes to listen to the heart and lungs, interpreting the sounds they hear to make diagnoses. However, to confirm a diagnosis, additional tests such as CT or MRI scans are often required. Additionally, electrocardiograms (ECGs) are used to measure the heart’s electrical activity and provide additional insights.

Connor Landgraf, CEO of Eko Health, is a biomechanical engineer who is passionate about leveraging AI to improve healthcare. Landgraf’s personal experience with pulmonary disease in his family inspired his dedication to developing better technological solutions for early disease detection. The AI program created by Mayo Clinic and Eko Health has been trained on over 100,000 patient recordings, enabling it to quickly and accurately analyze an individual’s heart strength and detect signs of heart failure.

Dr. Paul Friedman, a cardiac electrophysiologist and cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, emphasizes the importance of early detection of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. This condition is associated with serious consequences, including death, hospitalization, and other comorbidities. The new AI-enhanced stethoscope offers a convenient and effective way to identify these critical cardiac issues in a matter of seconds.

The cost of the AI-equipped stethoscope is $429 along with a monthly subscription fee. This innovative technology not only improves patient care but also showcases the potential of AI in revolutionizing healthcare practices. For more trending stories and updates on AI technology visit

In conclusion, this new AI-enhanced stethoscope developed by Mayo Clinic and Eko Health promises to revolutionize how doctors diagnose heart failure by providing quick and accurate results in seconds through just one device – making it an essential tool for healthcare professionals worldwide!

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