Record-Breaking Women’s Basketball Showdown: Clark vs. Reese in the Elite Eight

Iowa-LSU women’s NCAA basketball game breaks television ratings record

In the highly anticipated Elite Eight round of the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament, Caitlin Clark of the Iowa Hawkeyes and Angel Reese of the LSU Tigers faced off. The game took place at the MVP Arena in Albany, New York. The match between these two star players set a new all-time ratings record for a women’s college basketball game on ESPN, with over 12 million viewers tuning in to watch.

The audience peaked at 16.1 million viewers, making it the most-watched college basketball game ever on ESPN platforms. This game was a rematch of the 2023 national championship, which saw Iowa avenging last year’s loss and advancing to its second straight Final Four.

Iowa emerged victorious over LSU with a score of 94-87, led by Caitlin Clark’s impressive 41 points. Following the loss, Angel Reese of LSU expressed excitement about being part of history and raising the profile of women’s sports. The average women’s NCAA tournament game rating has increased by an astonishing 127% compared to the 2023 tournament.

ESPN announced that the viewership for the Elite Eight game was the highest for any basketball game since the 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Iowa will face Connecticut in the next round on Friday at 9:30 p.m. ET on ESPN, while the other Final Four game features South Carolina against NC State at 7 p.m., both games promising to be exciting and thrilling contests between two powerhouse teams in their respective conferences

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