Record-Breaking 2023 Income Tax Campaign Kicks Off with Higher Returns and Notices

The Treasury Processes 1,450 Statements per Minute at Start of Income Campaign: Public Urges Swift Release of Funds

The 2023 income tax campaign kicked off this Wednesday with a substantial presentation of returns by taxpayers. By 10 in the morning, there were over half a million documents presented, indicating that the Tax agency received an average of 1,450 statements per minute, which is an 11% increase compared to the previous year. According to Soledad Fernández, president of the organization, individuals want to receive their money as soon as possible and knowing that the Tax Agency processes returns quickly; they waste no time in submitting their declarations.

Fernández also mentioned that the Agency will issue 164,000 tax data notices related to online gaming. This does not necessarily mean that there will be 164,000 tax penalties but rather serves as a reminder to taxpayers to declare any profits obtained from gaming activities. The Agency has also issued 948,000 notices related to virtual currencies almost three times more than last year due to the increased information available on new virtual currency models.

Another significant figure is the 895,000 notices regarding rentals in other countries and 866,000 notices related to property rentals. In addition, the Tax Agency announced a special assistance plan for individuals over 65 years of age residing in small municipalities starting in May for Renta 2023 filing. The most notable feature of this campaign is the introduction of a special plan for preparing and submitting income tax returns for individuals over 65 years old residing in small municipalities across all provinces of common territory. This plan will commence on May seventh with appointment requests accepted starting from April twenty-ninth. It will cater specifically to older residents living in small municipalities and help them navigate through the complex process of filing taxes easily.

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