President Petro Takes Control of EPS Sanitas to Reform Colombia’s Healthcare System Amid Resistance

Petro Takes Action Against Colombian Insurer Amid Delay in Health Reform

As the challenges facing President Gustavo Petro’s efforts to reform Colombia’s healthcare system become increasingly apparent, his government has taken a bold step to assert control over one of the country’s largest private insurers, EPS Sanitas. This intervention comes as Petro and his officials continue to face resistance from conservative economic interests and lawmakers who are opposed to the leftist leader’s vision for transforming Colombia’s health system.

In recent months, private health insurance workers in Bogota have staged protests in response to proposed reforms that they fear will undermine their livelihoods and the quality of care they provide. Despite this pushback from institutions and individuals alike, Petro remains committed to making significant changes to the country’s healthcare infrastructure. By intervening in EPS Sanitas, he hopes to further his efforts and assert greater control over one of the most influential players in Colombia’s private healthcare sector.

EPS Sanitas serves 5.7 million users and is part of the health group Keralty SAS. As one of the largest insurers in the country, it wields significant influence over the healthcare industry as a whole. By taking control of EPS Sanitas, Petro believes he can make meaningful changes to the way that insurance companies operate within Colombia’s healthcare system.

The move is not without controversy, however. Some critics argue that interference from the government could lead to a lack of transparency and accountability within EPS Sanitas, potentially harming both patients and insurers alike. Nonetheless, for Petro and his allies, this intervention represents an important step towards achieving their goal of transforming Colombia into a more equitable and efficient healthcare system for all citizens.

As Congress continues to debate these reform proposals, it remains unclear how much support President Petro will be able to rally behind them in order to achieve his goals. However, by taking action on multiple fronts – from intervening in insurance companies like EPS Sanitas to advocating for policy changes at home – he is demonstrating his commitment to making significant changes in Colombia’s healthcare system despite facing opposition from conservative forces.

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