Overcoming the Challenges of the Change Healthcare Cyberattack: A Guide for Healthcare Providers

Guide Issued by HHS for Health Plan Providers Affected by Change Healthcare Cyberattack

Recently, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response, in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, published a comprehensive guide to health plan resources for healthcare providers affected by the Change Healthcare cyberattack. This guide is designed to provide essential information to providers who are facing challenges in obtaining payment information or experiencing disruptions due to the cyberattack.

In an accompanying letter, it was highlighted that many healthcare providers continue to encounter significant disruptions due to the cyberattack. Some providers have also struggled to obtain vital information from health plans regarding prospective payments and other flexibilities. The letter underscored the importance of reviewing HHS’ voluntary cybersecurity performance goals to improve security measures effectively.

The guide includes key contact details for health plans, which can assist providers in navigating through the aftermath of the cyberattack. Providers must proactively seek information and assistance to ensure smooth operations and delivery of care to patients. The guide serves as a valuable tool that facilitates communication and collaboration between providers and health plans during this challenging time.

The Change Healthcare cyberattack has had a significant impact on healthcare providers, causing disruptions and challenges in obtaining payment information. However, with access to health plan resources and contact information through this guide, providers can receive support they need to overcome these challenges.

It is imperative that healthcare providers take actionable steps towards improving their security measures by reviewing HHS’ voluntary cybersecurity performance goals. By doing so, they can enhance their protection against future cyber attacks and ensure patient care remains uninterrupted.

Overall, this guide provides valuable resources for healthcare providers affected by the Change Healthcare cyberattack. With this support, providers can navigate through these challenging times while ensuring continued delivery of high-quality patient care.

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