Nurse Manager Engagement Linked to Lower Turnover Rates: Study Reveals Key Factors and Solutions

Study evaluates the influence of nurse managers on the performance of health systems

Laudio Insights and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership have released a report indicating that nurse managers who engage purposefully with their team of registered nurses are more likely to have lower turnover rates. The study suggests that regular interactions, such as recognitions, check-ins, or corrective actions, can result in a 7-percentage-point improvement in the team’s annual turnover rate.

The report also examines factors that influence a nurse manager’s ability to effectively engage with their team, including the number of direct reports they have, known as their span of control. Inpatient nurse managers who are responsible for overseeing 78 people or more tend to have higher RN turnover rates, according to data from Laudio’s software platform for frontline leaders.

AONL CEO Robyn Begley emphasizes the challenging nature of nurse managers’ roles in healthcare, highlighting their round-the-clock responsibility for their nursing team and patients. Begley suggests that nurse leaders can utilize the data provided in the report to make real-time operational adjustments to better support these essential frontline leaders.

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