Newfound Success: How YouTube’s Shorts Revenue Stream Boosted Earnings for Latin American Creators

YouTube Shorts marks a successful one-year anniversary in Peru: How popular is the short form format?

A year ago, YouTube launched revenue sharing on Shorts in Peru, providing content creators with a new way to earn money through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The success of this initiative is evident, with over 3 million creators globally participating in the program, and over 25% of YPP channels now generating revenue through the Shorts revenue stream. This new revenue stream complements other YPP monetization features on YouTube, allowing creators to earn through various avenues such as long-form video advertising, fan funding, YouTube Premium, BrandConnect, Shopping, and more.

YouTube’s commitment to supporting creators is evident through its dedication to providing opportunities for creators to monetize their content. With an average of over 70 billion daily views on Shorts, the platform has seen a 50% increase in the number of channels uploading Shorts year over year. Creators like Borrego, Susy, and Gonzok are examples of individuals who have leveraged YouTube Shorts to propel their success in the creator economy. Borrego, a Colombian creator passionate about agriculture, has used Shorts to reach a wider audience and achieve exponential growth. Susy, a Panamanian creator focused on comedy, experienced a significant rise to fame after transitioning to Shorts content. Gonzok, a Mexican creator known for his long-form videos, saw immense growth after setting a challenge to reach a milestone through Shorts content. These creators exemplify the opportunities for growth and success that Shorts provides within the creator community.

The addition of Shorts to the revenue distribution platform has been a significant step forward for the creator community in Latin America. As the platform continues to evolve and provide new avenues for creators to monetize their content

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