New S&P Japan ETF Launches on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Offering Unparalleled Diversification for Investors

Lunit introduces new Standard & Poor’s Chimera Japan Eustace ETF

Lunit Capital Limited has announced the launch of the S&P Japan Eustace Chimera ETF (Bloomberg Symbol: JPANI) on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange on May 29. The fund is an exchangeable cash and in-kind ETF that will mirror the performance of the S&P Japan BMI Liquid 35/20 Capped Index (AED), which consists of the 30 largest and most liquid Japanese stocks listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Investors can subscribe to the fund through four authorized delegates and the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s electronic investor portal (ADX eIPO) between May 16-23, 2024. The Chimera Standard & Poor’s Japan Eustace ETF offers investors a unique opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios while investing in one of the world’s largest stock markets and economies – Japan. This diverse portfolio includes major Japanese companies like Toyota Motors, Sony, Mitsubishi, Honda, and Nintendo.

The Fund Rock Management Company SA manages both primary fund and sub-funds. Both are regulated by Central Bank of Ireland, with Lunit Capital Limited serving as investment manager for this specific fund. The approved commissioners for this fund include EFG Hermes, Arqaam Securities, International Securities, and BHM Capital.

Sherif Salem, Partner and Director of Public Markets Department at Lunit Capital expressed satisfaction with launching their third ETF this year and fifteenth fund in UAE financial markets. Abdullah Salem Al Nuaimi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Securities Market congratulated Lunit Capital on this achievement highlighting its contribution to market growth and providing investors access to global markets through trading platform on ADSE.

Michael Mill from Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones Financial Indices praised S&P Japan BMI Liquid 35/20 Capped Index as underlying asset for new fund stating it reflects diversity of Japanese economy representing large corporations like Toyota Motors, Sony etc.

Hani Qiblawi Chairman of Board of Directors at BNY Mellon International expressed pride in collaborating with Lunit Capital to introduce fourth ETF in UAE and Gulf region emphasizing company’s innovative products.

Overall this new launch is a significant step towards opening up more opportunities for diversification within international markets especially focusing on Asian economies for individual investors through accessible platforms such as ADX eIPO

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