New Report Reveals Health Needs of Hamilton County Residents, Prompts Collaborative Effort to Improve Well-being

Local News: Hamilton County Health Department Unveils 2024 Health Assessment.

In 2024, the Hamilton County Health Department released the Picture of Our Health Community Health Assessment, a report that provides a comprehensive analysis of the health status of residents in the area. This report is published every 4-5 years and focuses on eight key factors crucial to overall health, including access to healthcare and coverage, environmental health, chronic diseases, infectious diseases, mental health, injuries, substance abuse, and vulnerable populations.

The release of this report marks the beginning of a collaborative effort between the Health Department and Regional Health Council to develop strategies aimed at improving community health and well-being. The Epidemiology Department at the Health Department will also release further informational materials expanding on the topics covered in A Picture of Our Health. To provide up-to-date and accurate local health information to the community, a data dashboard will be developed and published.

Dr. Dawn Ford, Manager of the Epidemiology Department at Hamilton County Health Department believes that this 175-page assessment will help devise ways to reduce prevalence of these diseases among residents. Dr. Ford’s goal is to motivate behavioral changes among residents through engaging in more physical activity, adopting healthier eating habits and quitting smoking.

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