New 3D Technology Gates on SEPTA’s Market-Frankford and Norristown High-Speed Lines to Curb Fare Evasion and Increase Revenue

SEPTA implements new gates to prevent fare evaders from boarding – NBC10 Philadelphia

In an effort to curb fare evasion and increase revenue, SEPTA has introduced new gates equipped with 3-D technology at the 69th Street station in Upper Darby. These gates, the first of their kind in the US, use real-time data to detect fare evaders and send the information to SEPTA police dispatch.

According to SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie Richards, fare evasion costs the transit agency millions of dollars in revenue each year, making it essential for riders to pay their fare. The pilot program at 69th Street aims to install 20 new gates for travelers on the Market-Frankford Line and Norristown High-Speed Line by the end of the month. If successful, more gates could be installed at other stations as well.

The new gates contain advanced technology that can detect fare evaders and send data in real-time to SEPTA police dispatch. The agency’s cameras will also capture images of those attempting to evade fares. Officials believe that these new gates and technology will help prevent serious crimes from occurring on SEPTA.

SEPTA Transit Police Department Chief Chuck Lawson stated that many instances of crime and disorder on SEPTA can be traced back to fare evasion. With a 42% decrease in crime from last year, riders are hopeful that this trend will continue with the introduction of the new gates. Although not foolproof, officials plan to expand the project if it proves successful at five or six other stations, with a cost of $1 million for the pilot project alone.

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