Nevada County Businesses Have Until May 7 to File Property Statements with Assessor’s Office

Nevada County Assessor urges businesses to submit Business Property Statements promptly to avoid fines.

Business owners in Nevada County have just over four weeks left to submit their Business Property Statement to the Assessor’s Office. The deadline for filing is May 7, 2024, and failure to do so before then will result in a 10% penalty.

Businesses can either file their statements electronically or by using a paper form. Those who receive a notice to file letter from the Assessor must eFile their statement or complete, sign, and return a paper statement to the Assessor’s Office. Additionally, any business that owns Personal Property and/or Fixtures totaling $100,000 or more in combined cost is required to file a Business Property Statement, even if not specifically requested to do so by the Assessor.

Notice to file letters were mailed out in late January and contain all necessary information for electronic filing. Filing electronically has benefits such as automatic carryover of prior year acquisition cost information, saving time and resources for businesses. Additionally, businesses will receive confirmation that their Business Property Statement has been successfully filed, providing peace of mind to the business owner.

Businesses can download a paper Business Property Statement through the e-filing web portal if they have received a notice to file letter. All necessary information, including prior year costs, must be entered on the form each year. Paper forms need to be filled out, signed, and postmarked or delivered to the Assessor’s Office by the May 7 deadline to avoid a 10% penalty. These paper forms can be downloaded from Cal Assessor eForms by searching for ā€œ571-Lā€ to find a fillable form.

For additional information or assistance, business owners can visit the Business Property webpage or email or call 530-265-1259

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