Navigating the Wide Wealth Gap: India’s Economic Success and Growing Disparities

Are Narendra Modi’s economic reforms benefiting all citizens of India? | Analysis for 2024 Elections

India has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy and leading South Asia according to the World Bank. The nation has been hailed as one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, with much of its success attributed to the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the past decade. As India continues to thrive economically, Prime Minister Modi is seeking to leverage this success to secure a third term in office in upcoming general elections.

However, despite many Indians reporting that they are better off financially, observers note that the wealth gap in the country has widened. On a global scale, nations like the United States are spending significant amounts of money to clean up their industrial facilities. Meanwhile, millions of users worldwide will soon be required to purchase Microsoft Office without the inclusion of the popular Teams app.

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