Navigating Coalition Politics: A Look at the New Sardinian Regional Council’s Departmental Allocation

Countdown to the Todde Council in Sardinia: Revealing the First Names

As the newly elected president of the Sardinia Region, Alessandra Todde has a lot on her plate. Her first task will be to finalize the agreement with the centre-left Campo Largo parties that helped her win the elections on 25 February. The selection of councilors will be guided by criteria such as competence, gender equality representativeness, and territoriality, in accordance with the coalition forces’ recommendations.

The Democratic Party, which is part of the coalition, is seeking the presidency of the Regional Council for Piero Comandini, who is also the Sardinian secretary. The party has also requested that Giuseppe Meloni be given the vice-presidency of the council in addition to departments like Budget and Planning, General Affairs, and Environment. The official names for these roles will be proposed to Todde by the Democratic Party in due time.

The M5S party, to which Todde belongs, may be responsible for Health and Work in the new council unless a technician is chosen for this department. Desire’ Manca, who received the most votes in Sardinia on 25 February, is a potential candidate for another department but nothing is confirmed yet.

Alleanza Verdi Sinistra may take charge of public works with outgoing councilor Antonino Piu potentially leading this department. Orizzonte Comune has requested departments like Tourism, Crafts and Commerce under regional coordinator Franco Cuccureddu supervision while Sinistra Futura aims for Department of Culture and Public Education with Andrea Dettori being mentioned as a possible candidate.

As negotiations continue between coalition partners and Todde’s government team are still ongoing over different departments’ allocation to councillors it remains to see how everything will shape up in terms of departmental distribution within new regional council board.

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