Monday’s User Experience Hackathon: 745 Upgrades and Improvements in Just One Day!

Customers Drive the Venture on Monday

On Monday, the company’s employees carried out an impressive 745 system upgrades in just one day during their User Experience Hackathon. This dedicated day saw all of the company’s builder teams, including engineers, product managers, and designers from Tel Aviv, London, and Warsaw, halting their current work to focus exclusively on creating upgrades and improvements suggested by the company’s users, partners, and online communities.

Over several weeks, Monday collected more than 2,000 suggestions and reported UX problems, filtering them to select ideas for planning and implementation during the hackathon. The driving force behind this initiative is a strong belief in the importance of user experience (UX). Ila Narushevitz, director of product design at Monday, emphasized the goal of developing and implementing hundreds of proposals from customers to enhance the user experience.

The work teams at Monday successfully fixed and upgraded 745 features related to user experience. By presenting improvements to the customers who proposed them before launching them publicly, Monday fostered a sense of collaboration and highlighted the immediate impact of customer feedback on platform development. This customer-centered approach is central to Monday’s corporate culture and has proven to be successful in driving innovation and maintaining product relevance.

Monday’s commitment to user experience extends beyond its own products as they aim to create a more profound connection with their customers through active involvement in real estate development processes. By addressing specific problems in real estate systems related to buying houses with cash discounts or investing in real estate trends with experts from various industries like law or finance. Their focus is not only on improving their own products but also strengthening their community through collaborative efforts that result in better solutions for everyone involved.

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