Miracle Recovery: Rick Slayman Returns Home After Historic Pig Kidney Transplant”.

First recipient of pig kidney transplant released from Boston hospital

Rick Slayman, the world’s first pig kidney transplant recipient, is returning home from Massachusetts General Hospital after nearly two weeks of recovery. He will continue his journey to full health in Weymouth, surrounded by the love and support of his family and friends. Slayman expressed his deepest gratitude for the exceptional care he received from the doctors and nurses at Mass General Brigham health system during his time at the hospital.

Slayman’s life had been dramatically transformed by end-stage kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. After undergoing a human kidney transplant in 2018 that failed, he was left with no choice but to endure dialysis treatments that negatively impacted his quality of life. However, on March 21st, history was made when he received a pig kidney transplant donated by eGenesis in Cambridge. The kidney had been genetically edited to improve its compatibility with human patients.

The recovery process has been smooth for Slayman, and he has expressed his heartfelt appreciation for all the well-wishes he has received from others, including fellow patients awaiting kidney transplants. For Slayman, this experience represents not only a new beginning for himself but also a significant advancement in the field of organ transplantation that could benefit countless others in similar situations.

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