Midco Sports Lays Off TV Personalities Amidst Budget Cuts and Shift Towards Streaming Services

Midco Sports shifts focus to streaming, lays off TV personalities – InForum

In recent news, Midco Sports has announced layoffs for several employees, including well-known TV personalities. The decision was made due to budget cuts and will result in the reduction of full-time team members. However, the company still holds contracts to air various athletic events and remains committed to its partnerships with universities.

Notable personalities such as Brian Shawn, Jody Norstedt, and David Brown were among those affected by the layoffs. Shawn, known for his play-by-play duties for NDSU football before transitioning to UND football and basketball, Norstedt, whose focus was high school athletics in North Dakota, and Brown, the voice of Augustana hockey, are some of the individuals impacted by the recent restructuring.

Despite these changes, Midco Sports plans to enhance its content delivery through streaming services and continued collaboration with schools’ athletic departments. The company will focus on enhancing streamed content on Midco Sports Plus and partnership content with universities on its linear channels Midco Sports and Midco Sports Two. As a result of this shift, high school sports and some original programming will no longer be produced or broadcast on their linear channels.

Midco Sports holds contracts to air various athletic events, including UND football, hockey, and basketball games, SDSU and USD football and basketball games, and Augustana hockey. The company has assured these schools’ athletic departments that the changes will not affect their existing contracts. Bill Chaves, the athletic director at UND, confirmed this information and expressed confidence in the ongoing partnerships with Midco Sports.

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