Meta’s Latest AI-Powered Photo Editing Tools Revolutionize Messaging and Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide

WhatsApp introduces a new feature allowing users to customize photo backgrounds and styles with generative AI

Meta has recently developed new tools based on generative AI to edit images, including the Meta AI chatbot and Expressive Media Universe (EMU). These tools allow users to create stickers directly from messaging applications and transform their style based on user descriptions. In addition, the company has created two more photo editing tools using EMU technology on Instagram: Restyle and Backdrop. Restyle applies visual styles to images based on a description, while Backdrop modifies the background according to user instructions. WhatsApp is planning to bring these options to its platform as well, with the latest version for Android released through the Google Play beta program featuring a new button offering cropping, rotating, adding stickers and text, or using the drawing tool. Along with this button are three new options for photo editing: ‘Backdrop’ (Background), ‘Restyle’ (Change style), and ‘Expand’ (Expand), allowing users to resize images according to their needs. These features are currently in development for Android only, with no information available about their availability on iOS devices.

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