LSEG’s Business Development Division: New Leadership and Skills Set to Boost Growth Strategy

Former Citi Execution Sales Specialist Joins LSEG to Expand Business Development Division

Richard Worrell, the new head of secondary markets sales and business development at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), is set to bring his extensive experience to the team. Prior to joining LSEG, he was the former head of EMEA equity trading at Janus Henderson, where he spent many years in the buy-side equity trading industry. In January, Worrell officially joined LSEG and is now ready to lead the exchange’s business development division towards growth and success.

To support Worrell in this endeavor, LSEG has recently appointed Reesha Radia as a senior manager in business development and sales. With almost five years of experience from her time at Citi in execution sales-focused roles, where she most recently held the position of assistant vice president, Radia brings valuable skills and knowledge to the table. Her addition to LSEG comes after completing various summer and spring analyst internships at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan before joining Citi. Together with Worrell, Radia will play a crucial role in expanding LSEG’s business development division.

The appointment of Radia and Worrell is a significant step forward for LSEG’s growth strategy. Their expertise and experience will help drive innovation within the exchange’s business development division while ensuring that it remains competitive in today’s fast-paced financial market.

In conclusion, Radia’s addition to LSEG marks an exciting new chapter for both her career and the exchange itself. With Worrell leading the way, this dynamic duo is well-equipped to contribute towards expanding LSEG’s business development division while staying ahead of industry trends.

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