Local Woman’s Mental Health Evaluation Ordered: 28-year-old Taylor Bradley to be Re-Evaluated for Insanity

Taylor Bradley is being required to undergo a third mental health evaluation.

A Lincoln woman who was responsible for the deaths of two maintenance workers at The Lodge Apartments in 2023 will be undergoing another mental health evaluation. A judge ruled that 28-year-old Taylor Bradley was not responsible for the killings of Chris Karmazin and Ronald Gonzalez by reason of insanity. The court found that Bradley may pose a danger to herself or others in the foreseeable future, leading to an order for a new evaluation and treatment plan.

Bradley will remain housed in the Lancaster County Jail until a bed is ready at the Regional Center. After the evaluation, she will be sent back to the jail with the evaluation report and treatment plan to be submitted to the court before the evaluation period ends. A hearing for Bradley is scheduled for August 23 at 11 a.m.

This is the second time Bradley has been sent to the Regional Center and her third overall mental health evaluation since the deaths of Karmazin and Gonzalez. Investigations at The Lodge revealed that the two men were killed by being run over by a car, and Bradley was arrested a few blocks away and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Family members have confirmed

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