Life-Saving Technology in DeSoto Parish: Pre-Hospital Blood Transfusions Now Possible through New Equipment on Ambulances

LifeShare technology provides DeSoto EMS with life-saving capabilities | News

DeSoto Parish EMS has implemented a new life-saving technology that enables pre-hospital blood transfusions. The equipment necessary for this capability is now available on ambulances in the parish. This is only the second ground-based agency in Louisiana, following New Orleans, to offer such a vital service.

According to Supervisor Gordon Miller of DeSoto EMS, previously there were no options for addressing the issue of significant bleeding resulting in death for individuals under the age of 45. Patient transports can sometimes take 50 minutes to an hour, with even longer on-scene times due to extrications from vehicles. These extended response times can increase the risk of a patient bleeding to death before reaching medical attention.

The implementation of this technology represents a major advancement in pre-hospital care and could potentially save the lives of 10 to 20 individuals annually. Jared Fry from LifeShare Blood highlighted the importance of blood transfusions and emphasized that there are no substitutes for this critical treatment. The ability to carry blood products on ambulances is a significant step forward in improving emergency response and outcomes for patients in DeSoto Parish.

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