Legal Risks for Digital Nomads: A Guide to Working Abroad

What can you do while working remotely abroad?

Remote work has become increasingly popular among digital nomads, with many choosing to work in popular destinations such as Bali, Mexico, or Spain. However, working abroad as a digital nomad comes with legal risks that must be carefully considered.

One example of this is Finn, who works for a company but spends a large part of the year working from Spain. While some employees may not know about his remote work arrangement, Finn faces challenges such as navigating company regulations regarding working in other EU countries and concerns about tax obligations in Spain.

Law professor Isabelle Wildhaber and global mobility services professional Gordana Muggler emphasize the importance of considering five key areas when working abroad: visas, tax implications, permanent establishment risks, social security contributions, and data protection regulations. They recommend careful planning and compliance with local laws to avoid legal implications.

Despite these challenges, remote work abroad remains a popular option for many employees seeking flexibility and new experiences. However, it’s important to do your research and understand the legal requirements before making any decisions.

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