Lake Superior State University Tackles Mental Health Crisis with New Uwill Platform

LSSU initiative focuses on expanding student’s access to mental health services

Lake Superior State University is launching a new initiative aimed at improving students’ access to mental health resources. The platform, known as Uwill, will offer teletherapy and crisis support services to students connected to the university, providing them with access to licensed therapists tailored to their individual needs.

The program complements the existing counseling services at LSSU, which have been put in place to identify and assist students who are experiencing mental health crises. This initiative comes after recent survey data revealed that nearly half of college students surveyed have expressed a need for help with mental health issues in the past year, yet most never received access to counseling or therapy.

University officials at LSSU recognize the growing need for mental health support among young adults and college students. As indicated by recent survey data, around 90 percent of adults believe there is a mental health crisis in the country that needs addressing. Mental health services are now considered an essential component of student well-being.

To address this issue, LSSU has included increased access to mental health support as part of its five-year strategic plan, focusing on improving first-year student retention and expanding support for underrepresented demographics. Associate Dean of Student Affairs Anya Alexander emphasized the importance of providing clinical mental health counseling and support to students as a crucial part of their commitment to student success. By investing in teletherapy, LSSU aims to deliver high-quality care, treatment, and support that caters specifically to each student’s unique needs.

The Uwill platform has already been successfully implemented at other schools across the country, demonstrating a growing awareness of the importance of mental health resources in a university setting.

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